Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vocabulary Explosion

So that I remember.
Now and then I will post whatever Lil A is doing new, saying, watching, reading etc. These are my attempts to freeze these wonderful moments, so that I remember.

Since last ten days Lil A has an explosion of her vocabulary. I am amazed at how suddenly she went from saying very few words to framing 3 word sentences!

What is this? What are you doing? I am constantly bombarded with these two questions. But I love how she appropriately frame and asks these questions. I know, I am biased.

She points to whatever I am cooking, she is eating, any thing on her dress, any character of books and asks, "What is this?"

We went to shop the other day, and while I was eying a dress on me in the mirror, she for the first time asked me, What are you doing? I just cannot help but laugh and gave her a hug.

She carried on her conversations with these two guys at the store.

Again, the other day, suddenly she said to me, Give me back, give m-e b-a-c-k. 

She learnt this from her pre-school, when I say Goodmorning to her every morning, she says "Goodmorning Mam, Goodmorning children". LOL

While her six-month younger cousin was already talking much more than her, I thought she might follow her dad's footsteps and talk less! 

But I am happy, she is becoming a chatter box like her mamma.

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