Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ginger - Colour Me Brown Event

That I love my ginger won't be an overstatement. I add ginger paste to almost everything I cook.

 I love to add ginger to my cup of evening tea, it helps me to refresh. I always keep pieces of ginger with me to chew when I fly, it helps me with my airsickness.

Ginger is considered as a delicacy, spice end medicine. It is often called a medicinal chest and known to have many medicinal properties and is used all over the world both in sweet dishes as well as in curries. It is popular for its pickeled form too.

All these ramblings is because I am sending this photo for "The Colour Me Photography Challenge Series, Colour me Brown" for September, a photography event hosted by Priya of The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen.


  1. That's perfect Sanhita! And ginger helps with airsickness? Didn't know that. I hope it will help with travel sickness in general. I will give it a try the next time we travel home. (We usually go on semi sleeper volvo's) :)

  2. Ginger is indeed a wonderful spice! It is a good cure for sore throats too! A lovely picture!