Thursday, January 24, 2013


I am so nervous about my first post!!!

Welcome to my blog, my tiny world. Here I will share with you whatever I cook in my kitchen for my family( my toddler and my hubby) and friends, any new book that I read or anything that makes my life happy. I will try my best to have a new posting at least once a week, with any new recipes or maybe a simple photo that I took. Stay with me, visit my blog, leave a comment if you like something (or even with any suggestions).

Super snowy day
Today I will just post a photo of the place I live. It has been super chilly last few days with temperature around -25C and snow everywhere.

This is in front of my apartment and it looks like a sea of snow. On this grey day at last I managed to publish my blog that I have been thinking for a while to do, pocket full of spices to spice up my life.

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