Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Blah Blah

This post was originally named as " monday blah...". But with all the things that need to be done at a single time, it became "wednesday bl.....".

We are moving across the mighty Atlantic, from one continent to the other. In less than a week. And with an almost 2 year old. Yeah, you heard it right.

This move is sort of "ghorer meye ghore phera".

With the move comes all the stress and mess. Suitcases piled up.

Boxes packed to ship.

Papers shredded and many, many (read "many" as many times possible) more to shred.

LilA unaware of the move is having a gala time admists of the messes, giving the mother a very hard time.

Tired and grumpy husband. (No photo for this, though).

But among all these mess, there was relief. Tiny flowers popping out. Its Spring after all dear friends.

More daylight and some beautiful sunsets.

Sunset from my balcony.

More wonderful and relaxing evening strolls with lilA.

Wonderful food. Last weekend, friends gathered to celebrate baby shower of a friend and you guessed it right, no celebration is complete without yummy foods. And deserts.

And among all these stuffs now that time to leave is near, I am having a very deep sad feeling to leave the place I called home for a long time, almost as long as half of the time of "banabas". A place where I became "mother". A place where my lilA first school, aka daycare is.


Sorry for the blah, blah. Go ahead, have fun my friends. After all its Spring.

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